Artist blank cotton art painting blank canvas panel boards

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• 100% cotton canvas mounted onto acid free heavy board
• Triple acrylic gesso primed for smooth, even surface
• 7 oz finished weight with turned edges

•  Acid free, archival quality for all types of media, typically for oil and acrylic painting

•  Great for students, artists, kids crafts and all decorative painting purposes and more.

Blank Stretched Mini Canvas with Mini Wood Easel Set.

*Easel is made of PINEWOOD STRETCHED BARS and is very lightweight and portable.

*Mini stretched canvas on a wooden frame supplied with a miniature easel; can be used with a wide variety of artist media, from oil paints and watercolors to acrylic, tempera, and gouache.
*Great for fine art, crafts, art lesson, kids drawing painting, home decorating, displaying pictures, business cards, wedding decorations and more.
sizes for choose:
Size (Cm) Cost (Ksh)
15*15cm     200.00
18*24cm     250.00
20*30cm     430.00
25*25cm     400.00
30*30cm     450.00
30*50cm     500.00
40*40cm     600.00
40*60cm     700.00
50*60cm     750.00
60*60cm     800.00
60*80cm  1,100.00
70*70cm  1,300.00
70*100cm  1,500.00

2 reviews for Artist blank cotton art painting blank canvas panel boards

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