Staple gun staples Nail/TShape

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  • HEAVY DUTY QUALITY – Sturdy staples provide strength and reliability. Heavy duty staples with longer legs are designed to fasten higher volumes of paper with ease.
  • SHARP CHISEL POINT FOR FEWER JAMS – Staples with precision-engineered points are designed to cleanly pierce paper. Distinctive chisel points mean fewer frustrating jams and interruptions.
  • SECURES 90 SHEETS OF PAPER – Heavy duty staples handily hold higher volumes of paper, with longer 1/2” legs that easily fasten up to 90 sheets of paper.
  • 1,000 STAPLES – Each strip staples provides stable, continuous stapling, even when handling high volumes of work. Refills are easy and convenient, with 1,000 staples in every box.

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