Spray Paint (Chrome & Gold)

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  • High quality
  • Synthetic enamel for durability and performance
  • Quick drying, smooth finish and high gloss
  • For Interior/Exterior use
  • Applicable on wood, glass, metal, vinyl, plastic, fiberglass, etc.
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Give your decor a Golden/Silver touch with these Unique Spray paints. For a clean, bright finish on furniture, wicker, tools, lamps, wood, metal, patio furniture etc. It is an interior and exterior paint and can be used on all surfaces including wood, metal and plastic. Easy-to-use, high-quality and fast-drying paint that is specially formulated to offer a non-chipping colored texture that will last for years and require no maintenance.

HOW TO USE – Shake well before use. From a distance of 10-20 cm spray directly onto the surface being cleaned. Allow the foaming action to lift the dirt for at least 30 seconds. Clean with a lint-free cloth before drying

1 review for Spray Paint (Chrome & Gold)

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